When to use this service

The SECTION6 DevOps delivery services are for enterprises and product organisations that desire to either modernise their development practices or mature an existing DevOps capability—wishing to create more capacity to scale their software development and IT operations further.

SECTION6 helps these organisations with the work required to meet their software’s functional and non-functional requirements and the definition of infrastructure and networks through software, automated testing, hands-free releases, and automated operational monitoring.

What to expect

“Expect product owners, software developers, testers, IT Operations, and security people to work together. Where they not only help each other but also ensure that the overall organisation succeeds. By working toward a common goal, they enable the fast flow of planned work into production (e.g. performing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of code deploys per day) while achieving world-class stability, reliability, availability, and security.”

The text above is how the DevOps Handbook (Gene Kim et al.) opens and describes the genesis and goals of the DevOps practice. Once imagined, this practice has become a discipline, tools, and mindset that translates into collaboration and accountability.

DevOps has been adopted and proven to work across many applications, industries, software development projects, and product development and their operation. DevOps is the practice SECTION6 follows to deliver what our clients need—high-quality development and operations—reliable, scalable, secure, and adaptable. So that they, in turn, can create their world-class capability.

Expect us to apply our DevOps disciplines, tools, and mindset to help you achieve a world-class result.

DevOps Continuous Development and Operations

DevOps—more than the sum of its parts.

Combining the software development life cycle with systems operations—DevOps is more than the sum of its parts. DevOps is a different method that has proven to be successful in building and operating software. The speed and complexity of modern business mean we can no longer rely on good individuals alone but must bring people together as a team combined with the right tools, practices, and a generative culture. DevOps enables highly skilled professionals from an organisation’s business, software architecture, software engineering, IT operations, QA, security, and more to work together to build and operate software. Successfully.

DevOps Infinity Loop

DEV: Software Development & OPS: Automated IT Operations


Planning is an important activity at the start of development and on-going at the beginning of every sprint. Work is collected in a backlog and priorities by you and the team. At the beginning of a sprint, the team plans to complete priorities work items in the based on capacity, capability, and complexity.


We tailor the technical capabilities to the needs of the work as required. We can do this because we work with many different development languages, platforms, and cloud setups.


Completed code is compiled as a deliverable artefact and includes automated tests. Using a software-defined-everything approach, we aim to define the infrastructure and network configurations as software. This means they have the same rigours applied to them as other software: captured, versioned, audited, and automated tested.


Automated testing of software aims to deliver a high quality in product releases and updates, but at a much higher speed than otherwise is possible.


After passing automated testing, code moves into further test and staging environment for integration and more complex functional testing. In a fully automated release environment, this process can happen on demand, often 100s or 1000s of times a day.


Deployment into product happens after all tests, automated or otherwise, are complete and successful. Final checks on the origin of any external dependencies, particularly open-source, are also possible—protecting you against software-supply-chain attacks. Ultimately, faster deployments mean a better customer experience and the ability to keep your platform secure and reliable.


When code is running in production, we commit to keeping it operational, matching your SLA. And in keeping with DevOps — the team that built the code supports the code. This accountability and first-hand knowledge of the environment provides for better support. It is enabling faster resolution times and also the motivation and permit to prevent the problems from repeating.


Real-time monitoring and alerting identify issues — resulting from unexpected outages or unusual usage profiles. Any problems raised manually through support channels trigger a support response. At your option, we monitor these channels 24/7/365 and respond with the same DevOps people, thus ensuring faster resolutions.

Expertise we bring

Our expertise is at the edge of transformation—where maturity meets innovation and delivers you the maximum value. To enable you to gain the transformative benefits of software, we invest in those capabilities that align with our mission and purpose to build mission-critical software for organisations essential in people’s lives—meeting complex requirements by building software to be as simple as possible.

Knowing that the technology universe is continually expanding, we have identified six key capabilities that encapsulate the latest in mature technology innovation that we know enable our clients in the industries we serve to meet their goals better, faster, and for longer into the future.


DevOps enables business agility with improved reliability, economics, and security. DevOps is a practice that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) and shortens the systems development through continuous delivery with a focus on software quality and security. DevOps is complementary to Agile software development. Together, delivering more reliably and to a higher standard of quality. Importantly DevOps helps address the increasing complexity of Software requirements and delivery.

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Cognitive Automation

While robotics automates work done by hand, cognitive automation focusses on work using our heads. Cognitive Automation simulates the human learning procedure to grasp knowledge from the dataset and extract the patterns on which it can make judgments that are often better and faster than humans. And because it can use many different data sources such as images, video, audio and text, its decision making is independent of the type and source of data. Cognitive automation unlocks and leverages all of your information together.

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On-Demand Compute

On-demand reflects the ability to deploy computing resources based on business needs rather than being restricted by physical constraints. Optimise your computing to provide the best client experience by moving the compute resource closer with edge computing for added speed and resilience. Centralise what you need for security and control. Burst out into the cloud to satisfy peak demand. Edge, cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud—where you need and want it—on-demand.

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Industrial IOT

Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) encompasses embedded sensors, software and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. IIoT devices monitor and control the physical mission system through real-time automation, including cognitive automation. Use IIoT to combine information technology with operational technology and help unleash the benefits of digital technology in the physical and biological world.

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Cyber Security

Cybersecurity includes information security and protects devices (IIoT) whose value is not just in any data and information but also in the physical tasks they may perform. We increase safety in the DevOps process by constantly adhering to and testing your security policies and requirements. And by injecting into the DevOps pipeline automated testing, static analysis, and the necessary security controls and checks along the DevOps lifecycle. Importantly we make our software easier and faster to adapt and deploy—so that you can respond more quickly when a new vulnerability is identified and patched.

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Agile Integration

Agile integration combines otherwise disparate islands of data, devices I(IIoT), and software functionality through integration and microservices inserted between software services, with minimal disruption. Aile integration builds on the principles and practices of agile software development by having an architecture that enables agility by decentralising both the executing platform and the developers that need to create the integrations. In keeping with agile principles, integration work is done by the people closest to the technologies that need to be integrated—people who are better placed to make decisions faster and complete work more efficiently.

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Use our Technical Advisory services to explore existing and new worlds. Technical due diligence and reviews with recommendations and a roadmap on how to execute on the advice of professionals.



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