Red Hat

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions, including high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies.

As a leader in open-source, Red Hat also leads the way in industry 4.0 innovation. Making their technology an ideal cornerstone for your industry 4.0 strategy. 

SECTION6 was awarded Red Hat ANZ Advanced Business Partner of the year for 2021. This award d recognises SECTION6 as a partner “…who has prioritised customer success, led innovation and growth, and established industry best practices that drive the cultural change needed to accelerate digital transformation. ”—Red Hat.

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DataStax is at the forefront of data management for always-on, scalable enterprise applications, leveraging the robust power of Apache Cassandra™ through the enhanced DataStax Enterprise platform. Their commitment to enabling real-time data operations makes them pivotal in advancing the performance and reliability of modern applications across industries.

Our partnership with DataStax equips SECTION6 to integrate cutting-edge generative AI and RAG (Retrievable Augmented Generation) technologies, enhancing our ability to provide clients with systems that not only process transactions with high integrity but also evolve with learning and adaptivity in real-time. Through this collaboration, we design, build and support scalable, mission-critical applications that drive significant business outcomes and innovation, preparing our clients for future demands with advanced data solutions.



EDB brings the power and flexibility of a relational database to your Industry 4.0 strategy.  Untether yourself from those database technologies that are and continue to not work for you. EDB allows you to leverage on-demand compute through on-premise, hybrid-cloud, public, and multi-cloud deployments. EDB minimises deployment complexity without compromising on performance. 



Leaders in their area of cybersecurity—Sonatype is an essential modern cybersecurity capability. With Sonatype, ensure the security and integrity of your software supply chain. Avoid known threats and act more quickly to new threats by having SECTION6 integrate Sonatype into your DevOps process.  The faster and more frequent you deploy the faster you can react to new threats. 



Building a Safer World enabled by unlocking insights in vast amounts of data. Siren’s mission is to keep People, Assets and Networks safe with the world’s leading Investigative Intelligence solution for Analysts & Investigators.

Siren provides the leading Investigative Intelligence Platform to some of the world’s leading Law Enforcement, National Security and Cyber threat investigators. Rooted in academic R&D in information retrieval, distributed computing, and knowledge representation, the Siren platform combines the capabilities of search, business intelligence, link analysis, and big data operational logging and alerting.



An analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured—ElasticSearch enables cognitive automation by helping organisations bring together otherwise disparate information. From which automatic decision making can be made, at the [new] speed required of i4.0.



Data masking removes sensitive data from your databases so that they can be safely deployed in non-production environments. Data masking is critical for ensuring the protection of sensitive data at all levels of your IT operations. It protects your customers, maintains your brand reputation and builds customer trust and loyalty.

To facilitate the use cases of non-production environments, DataMasque replaces sensitive data with realistic and functional masked values that enable effective development, testing, analytics, and training.



IBM is a long time world leader in technology R&D and its production. Their investment into technology, including their recent acquisition of Red Hat, makes them more powerful than ever. 

SECTION6 works with those customers who want to use the power of IBM to enable their Industry 4.0 strategy. 

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Microsoft Partner

Reimagine your organization with Microsoft enterprise cloud solutions. Accelerate digital transformation with industry solutions built on the Microsoft cloud platform.

SECTION6 works with those customers who want to use the power of Microsoft to enable their Industry 4.0 strategy.


New Zealand Defence Industry Association

SECTION6 is an active New Zealand Defence Industry Association (NZDIA) member—reflecting our mission to do work that is essential in people’s lives, communities, and country.

NZDIA works to support government and industry in delivering improved commercial outcomes for Defence, associated agencies (e.g. security, intelligence, border control, police, customs) and industry. NZDIA does this by being recognised as the Defence Industry Stakeholder Representative of Choice for reference, consultation, and engagement across industry, sector, and procurement initiatives. NZDIA is working towards achieving this same recognition from other National Security Agencies.