How we support the energy industry

Energy is mission-critical

Arguably, no greater requirement for reliability and availability exists than inside the energy sector. Security of supply is paramount, and failure of mission-critical components in support of power production and supply affects its consumers immediately and potentially dramatically. Redundancy in these systems is standard, and further mitigations against failure are often put in place by both suppliers and consumers. 

Energy 2.0

We see the context for these systems is changing. People are creating a new energy future and disrupting the power sector with solar, wind, and batteries (SWB). This is unfolding much more rapidly than mainstream forecasts expected. The dynamics are being driven not just by falling costs of SWB but also by rising costs of electricity generated by incumbents, including coal and hydropower plants. These two mutually reinforcing trends will amplify and accelerate one another as the disruption takes hold. 

We see that the mission to ensure the security of energy supply remains the same but must now also include the mission to reinvent the way homes, cities and communities are powered.

SECTION6 has the capabilities and skills required to build and support mission-critical software for the energy sector. We have experience gained across different energy organisations in the wholesales, lines, market systems, and other auxiliary market providers. We are helping to keep the power flowing while also helping to reinvent how it is created and delivered.   

In these environments, requirements and solutions are often complex in both their definition and application. Getting a solution into production usually involves many different parties, technologies, integrations, and challenging schedules. Success can not be achieved without applying the right skills and experience and in the right ways. 

In line with our mission, SECTION6 applies the following capabilities used with success in the energy sector. 

Expertise we bring

Our expertise is at the edge of transformation—where maturity meets innovation and delivers you the maximum value. To enable you to gain the transformative benefits of software, we invest in those capabilities that align with our mission and purpose to build mission-critical software for organisations essential in people’s lives—meeting complex requirements by building software to be as simple as possible.

Knowing that the technology universe is continually expanding, we have identified six key capabilities that encapsulate the latest in mature technology innovation that we know enable our clients in the industries we serve to meet their goals better, faster, and for longer into the future.


DevOps enables business agility with improved reliability, economics, and security. DevOps is a practice that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) and shortens the systems development through continuous delivery with a focus on software quality and security. DevOps is complementary to Agile software development. Together, delivering more reliably and to a higher standard of quality. Importantly DevOps helps address the increasing complexity of Software requirements and delivery.

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Cognitive Automation

While robotics automates work done by hand, cognitive automation focusses on work using our heads. Cognitive Automation simulates the human learning procedure to grasp knowledge from the dataset and extract the patterns on which it can make judgments that are often better and faster than humans. And because it can use many different data sources such as images, video, audio and text, its decision making is independent of the type and source of data. Cognitive automation unlocks and leverages all of your information together.

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On-Demand Compute

On-demand reflects the ability to deploy computing resources based on business needs rather than being restricted by physical constraints. Optimise your computing to provide the best client experience by moving the compute resource closer with edge computing for added speed and resilience. Centralise what you need for security and control. Burst out into the cloud to satisfy peak demand. Edge, cloud, on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud—where you need and want it—on-demand.

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Industrial IOT

Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) encompasses embedded sensors, software and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. IIoT devices monitor and control the physical mission system through real-time automation, including cognitive automation. Use IIoT to combine information technology with operational technology and help unleash the benefits of digital technology in the physical and biological world.

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Cyber Security

Cybersecurity includes information security and protects devices (IIoT) whose value is not just in any data and information but also in the physical tasks they may perform. We increase safety in the DevOps process by constantly adhering to and testing your security policies and requirements. And by injecting into the DevOps pipeline automated testing, static analysis, and the necessary security controls and checks along the DevOps lifecycle. Importantly we make our software easier and faster to adapt and deploy—so that you can respond more quickly when a new vulnerability is identified and patched.

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Agile Integration

Agile integration combines otherwise disparate islands of data, devices I(IIoT), and software functionality through integration and microservices inserted between software services, with minimal disruption. Aile integration builds on the principles and practices of agile software development by having an architecture that enables agility by decentralising both the executing platform and the developers that need to create the integrations. In keeping with agile principles, integration work is done by the people closest to the technologies that need to be integrated—people who are better placed to make decisions faster and complete work more efficiently.

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Other mission-crtical industries we work with

Banking &

Enabling financial services to be imagined, build, and deployed faster onto reliable and secure platforms.

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Supporting and working with our important government agencies whose work is essential in the lives of our country—people and industries.

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Security &

Helping agencies with their missions to keep our people safe, communities feeling secure, and our country protected from external threats.

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Transportation &

Enabling integration horizontally along your supply chain and vertically into adjacent value chains. Adding value and doing more with less.

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Helping telecommunications providers and their business consumers to be faster and smarter to remain competitive.

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