This shift is something you can’t afford to ignore. 

Whether you oversee a single server or a large data centre, the recent transition from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream has introduced uncertainties into your operations. Doing nothing is a decision in itself, and one that could have significant implications for your organisation. It’s time to assess the situation, understand the implications, and make a strategic decision about your CentOS deployments.

If you’re on CentOS version 7, you’ve got until
June 30, 2024,
to plan your future with Linux. 

Zero cost migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

SECTION6 is offering to shoulder the cost of migration from CentOS to RHEL for qualifying environments; All you need to do is answer some migration questions. If your environment requires a more complex migration, then we’ll provide you with a migration plan, at no cost. Either way, we’ll help you invest in your future – and make it more secure and reliable.
Start your journey towards superior support and functionality with SECTION6 and RHEL today: